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A History of the Settlement


by Donna Doring Jonas

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     Braving the elements, Indian raids, disease, and wild animals, the first settlers to Kendalia set down roots along Curry's Creek.  The families of Patton, Sansom, Jones, Rawls, Lawhon, Nowlin, Gourley, Ludolf, Hodges, Merrill, McCrocklin, Garven, Schmidt, and Edge built the first log cabins, set aside family cemeteries, and built the first schools.  They found their lives interwoven as they began forging and clearing the wilderness of Beck's Flat, so named after a wandering wild mule.


       The serenity of the rolling hills, the beauty of Edge Falls with foaming water cascading fifty feet to the pool below, and the immense oaks and cypress trees beckoned the settler to stay, raise their livestock, plant cotton, build a grist mill, a post office, stores, and schools to make for themselves a better life.  Many of the old family names remain to this day.  The memoirs of the local historians lying dormant for over fifty years, have now received a voice and speak out. telling of the faith, courage, tenacity, hard work, and privation of a people determined to lay the groundwork for the town of Kendalia.