History of the Kendalia Public Library

    The library was founded on Saturday, March 8, year unknown but sometime before 1929.  Books were purchased and housed in a metal cabinet in the Kendalia School.

    In 1940, the metal library cabinet was placed in the newly built rock school building in Kendalia.  Kendalia School began a newspaper, in 1947, entitled, "The Armadillo" written by the schoolchildren.  All proceeds were used to purchase library books.

   In 1958, Kendalia School consolidated with Blanco ISD and the rock school building became the Kendalia Community Club.  On May 5, 1961, the Club designated the west room for the Kendalia Public Library.  Women of the community processed the donated books while the men built wooden shelves.

   For fifteen years the Kendalia Public Library received no funding except for personal and United Way donations.  In 1976, the library began the children's summer reading program.

   In 1976, Kendall County Commissioner's Court voted to fund the library $500 per year.  In 1980, the Kendall County Library System was founded and Kendalia Public Library qualified as a system member of the San Antonio Area Library System.

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